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The Hana Ohana Research Group at the University of California, Irvine, studies a wide range of issues having to do with how people collaborate and what new technologies can do to help. We have a socio-technical perspective, looking at the relationship between the people involved and the tools they use. We focus on both discovering the underlying principles and guiding future practice to be more effective.


  • Larry Page was quoted in the book The Innovators as saying "The college course that made the most impression was taught by Judith Olson on human computer interaction."

  • Dakuo Wang presented our paper, "DocuViz, Visualizing Collaborative Writing" at CHI in Korea in April.  A number of good contact and collaborations followed.

  • Judy and Gary participated in the Science of Team Science conference in Bethesda, MD, by serving on two panels.  Judy reviewed her contribution to the NRC report and Gary served on the "Ask and Expert" panel to answer questions about technology.

  • Judy and Gary Olson just published a book, Working Together Apart, which compiles research on how people work long distance, the challenges and what to do to alleviate them.