Hana Lab/ Behavior Lab

Overview of Hana Lab

The Hana Lab is a behavioral research lab, which is a facility for behavioral research on how humans interact with technology in all its forms. We name our lab “Hana” because Hana is Hawaiian for “behavior” and we love Hawaii! The Hana Lab supports a variety of types of research, including behavioral experiments, brainstorming sessions, demonstrations, design sessions, focus groups, interviews, participatory design, usability studies, video analysis, video prototyping and many more.

The picture below is the sketch map of the Hana Lab 

Details about the Lab

We have the following facilities and resources in our lab

Five Individual Rooms

  • can accommodate 1-2 people
  • equipped for audio/video recording
  • one room has a phone to conduct/record interviews

Conference Room

  • can accommodate 10 people
  • equipped for audio/video recording with 2 cameras in the front and back
  • includes conference table and projector

Control Room  

  • can pan/tilt/zoom all room cameras remotely
  • an intercom system connects to all rooms
  • equipped with 500GB DVR recorder
  • includes a sophisticated post-production station.

Other Resources

  • wireless network
  • lifesize video conference system
  • 12 windows-7 system laptops equipped with MORAE activity/usability recorder
  • web-based subject pool management system. Participant notification list link:https://cheddar.ics.uci.edu/~jingwen/drupal/

Lab Address

Room 6135, 6125, 6121,
Bren Hall
University of California, 
Irvine, CA


Jingwen Zhang
Hana Lab Manager
Room 5211, Bren Hall