Collaboration Success Wizard

Application for a Wizard Study

This form is specifically intended for projects applying to the Collaboration Success Wizard steering committee to conduct a study of their project. More general inquiries can be addressed via email to .

For purposes here, a "study" consists of the following:

  1. a recruitment period, in which project members are introduced to the study and are invited to participate in the study;
  2. a study period in which project members respond to the Wizard survey;
  3. upon completion of the Wizard, each respondent will immediately receive feedback tailored to their individual responses;
  4. following the end of the study period, the Wizard analysis team will examine the data aggregated over all respondents for this project and will prepare a report to the entire project about potential vulnerabilities that could threaten the success of their collaboration, as well as possible interventions to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities.
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